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  • Renee L. Verspohl

    New York State Licensed Acupuncturist


    Angel Touch Acupuncture believes in the innate capacity and intelligence within each individual to grow, respond, adapt, and heal. Health is that state of continuous well-being wherein the body, mind and spirit work so smoothly that one is permeating all levels of one's being.

    Angel Touch Acupuncture was built upon the importance of health for the everyday person in mind. You don't have to go soul searching to get the holistic care you want and need. As conventional medicine has become more and more unreliable, alternative medicine is becoming more widely accepted by the public.

    Please feel free to browse my site and I will also be happy to assist you in any questions that you cannot answer here. Thank you and I look forward to helping you find the balance in your life that you seek.

    Renee L. Verspohl M.S., L.Ac.